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Li Zhaoxing Presents “Silk Road Peace Award” to Nazarbayev

  The awarding ceremony of “Silk Road Peace Award” held at Xijiao State Guest Hotel Conference Center in Shanghai on the evening of May 19th. Song Ronghua, Secretary-General of China Public Diplomacy Associaotion attended the ceremony. Li Zhaoxing, President of the CPDA, Presented the award to Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  “Silk Road Peace Award Committee” was jointly initiated by China Public Diplomacy Association, Peace Tour Cultural Exchange Center, China International Culture Association and China Center for Contemporary World Studies and is responsible for the selection and presentation of “Silk Road Peace Award”. H.E. Mr. Li Zhaoxing was the Chairman of the Committee.

  “Silk Road Peace Award” is named after the Ancient Silk Road opened up by Zhang Qian, Chinese diplomat in Han Dynasty to inherit and carry forward the spirit of exchanging needed goods with each other, jointly creating peace and sharing common prosperity to encourage cooperation and dialogues between different civilizations.

  “Silk Road Peace Award” is presented to the people and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to world peace, regional stability and common development. As an active driver of regional dialogue and communication, President Nazarbayev received the award before President Xi Jinping.

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