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China Public Diplomacy Association hosted Sino-Japan Local Media Exchange Meeting in Fukuoka, Japan

  On April 26, Sino-Japan Local Media Exchange Meeting was held in Fukuoka during a visit to Japan by Chinese think tank delegation headed by Mr. Hu Zhengyue, Vice President of China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA). About 40 media representatives from China and Japan participated in the meeting.

  Mr. Sun Zhongbao, Deputy Consul General of China in Fukuoka, said in his speech that there has been a gradual increase of trend for improving Sino-Japan relationship. Against this backdrop, the media from China and Japan are of extreme significance to achieving further development of the relationship.

  On behalf of the Chinese delegation, Mr. Zhou Mingwei, a member of the 21st Century Committee of Sino-Japan Friendship and Former Chief Director of China International Publishing Group pointed out that this year marks the 40th anniversary of Sino-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship. Visiting Fukuoka and exchanging ideas with Japanese media friends during this crucial time aims to enhance mutual understanding, strengthen people to people relations, create public opinion atmosphere for cooperation, and bring positive influence to the development of Sino-Japan relations.

  This exchange meeting was co-organized by China Public Diplomacy Association and the Consulate General of China in Fukuoka.

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