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  The China Public Diplomacy Association is committed to motivating, coordinating and organizing social and people-to-people resources to conduct public diplomacy activities and serve the nationwide diplomacy and overall public diplomacy.

  1. Establishing platform for public diplomacy. Holding various public diplomacy activities such as forums, symposiums, lectures, exhibitions and interviews to mobilize and organize people-to-people resources to conduct public diplomacy activities.

  2. Promoting bilateral communication. Assisting people-to-people resources such as non-governmental organizations, think tanks, scholars, media, enterprises and celebrities in expanding foreign communication and enhancing international influence.

  3. Conducting researches on public diplomacy theories. Carrying out researches on related China public diplomacy theories and lay solid theoretical foundation for the practice of China’s public diplomacy.

  4. Providing suggestions and training talents for public diplomacy. With the resources and tools from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the China Public Diplomacy Association provides information and personnel training on public diplomacy to promote public diplomacy performance, develop human resource and enhance the capacity.

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