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  China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA), established in March 2013 as a juridical association with 64 founding members, is a nationwide non-profit organization comprising experts and scholars, celebrities, and relevant institutions and enterprises in the field of public diplomacy.

  Dedicated to providing professional consultation and coordination services, mobilizing and coordinating social resources and making the best of people-to-people channels in international exchanges, CPDA strives to advance the development of China’s public diplomacy, enhance mutual understanding and friendship between China and the rest of the world, project to the world a positive image of China that is civilized, democratic, open, and progressive, and create an international environment conducive to China’s peaceful development.

  CPDA’s work consists of the following:

  I. Theoretical research, practice and exploration, and provision of consultation service in the field of public diplomacy;

  II. Hosting various public diplomacy activities such as lectures, interviews, symposiums, and exhibitions, organizing exchange of visits and other activities between Chinese and foreign media, youth, scholars and non-governmental organizations, and providing social services;

  III. Conducting exchanges and cooperation with public diplomacy associations, institutions of higher learning, and research institutes in other countries;

  IV. Training talents for China’s public diplomacy work.

  The first President of CPDA is Mr. Li Zhaoxing. The President is Mr. Wu Hailong. The Vice Presidents are Mr. Hu Zhengyue, Mr. Gong Jianzhong, Mr. Liu Biwei, Mr. Chen Yuming and Mr. Luo Linquan. The Secretary-General is Ms. Huo Ying.

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