China Public Diplomacy Association Coordinates with Enterprises and Social Organizations to Assist Chinese Embassies Overseas to Fight against COVID-19
2020-06-08 14:06:00

  As COVID-19 raging in the world, China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) strengthened communication and coordination with enterprises and social organizations to provide Chinese Embassies overseas with materials for fighting against the pandemic together with foreign countries. The following donations have been made in April.

  1. CPDA together with Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association (SPDA) coordinated with Ford Motor Company in China to donate 60,000 disposable surgical masks to Chinese Embassy in Japan and 40,000 disposable surgical masks to Chinese Consulate General in Mandalay to assist their fight against the outbreak in the severely hit regions in Japan and north Myanmar.

  2. CPDA together with the Foreign Affairs Office of Haidian District of Beijing coordinated with Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co., Ltd. to donate 50,000 biomass graphene particulate respirators and 5,000 KN95 masks to Chinese Embassy in Japan, in support of the Embassy’s work on battling the outbreak.

  3. CPDA together with the International Communication and Cooperation Branch of China Medical Association of Minorities donated almost 30 boxes of emergency kits, health kits for outposted embassy staff, and comprehensive protection kits for overseas Chinese students going back home to Chinese Embassy in Malaysia and Chinese Embassy in Japan, offering logistical support to overseas Chinese students.

  4. CPDA together with Ms. Yang Xiaoqian, Director of Wenzhou Public Diplomacy Association (WPDA) donated 10,000 medical masks to Chinese Embassy in Montenegro in her own name in support of the work of Montenegro’s police on fighting the pandemic. The chief of the Montenegro’s police station sent a letter to H.E. Liu Jin, Chinese Ambassador to Montenegro, expressing gratitude for China’s contribution to Montenegro’s battle against the outbreak.