The 1st Session of the 2nd Council of China Public Diplomacy Association Was Held in Beijing
2020-04-01 12:04:00

  The 1st session of the 2nd council of China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) was held in Beijing on October 10, 2019. After deliberation and vote, Mr.Wu Hailong was elected as the President of CPDA, and Ms.Huo Ying was elected as the Secretary-General of CPDA.

  President Wu Hailong expressed that public diplomacy, though different from state diplomacy, is still political. Both state diplomacy and public diplomacy serve for national interests, and shoulder the important missions to enhance the world’s understanding of China’s policies, shape China’s image of peaceful development, promote people-to-people communication. Facing the new situation, CPDA will strengthen overall planning, stress on making a voice in the international community, speak out directly to the international media and the public, introduce China’s policies and positions, and enhance mutual understanding and trust. CPDA will make efforts to establish a better exchange platform for its members and provide public diplomacy support to them.

  Vice President Hu Zhengyue made a report on the first three seasons’ work summary of 2019 and work plan for the next period. Hu pointed out that from January to September this year, CPDA actively held public diplomacy events in various forms to tell Chinese stories, promote mutual exchanges and understanding between people of China and other countries. In the next period, CPDA will continue to support major diplomatic events, conduct public diplomacy in a solid and effective manner, and promote the understanding of Chinese development path and concept in the international community.

  Secretary-General Huo Ying said that the Secretariat of CPDA, under the leadership of President Wu Hailong, will concentrate on diplomacy, make efforts to promote China’s international influence through strengthening overall planning and enriching work methods. Meanwhile, the Secretariat will further strengthen administration management, improve rules and regulations, and build a more professional, dedicated and effective team.