“70 Years of the New China in My Eyes”—Developing Countries Media Forum Held in Beijing
2020-04-01 12:04:00

  “70 Years of the New China in My Eyes”—Developing Countries Media Forum was held on September 29 in Beijing. About 200 people were present, including Wu Hailong, President of China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA), Tian Yuhong, Executive Secretary of All-China Journalists Association (ACJA), Hua Chunying, Director-General of the Information Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Ambassadors and members of Public Diplomacy Advisory Panel of MFA, representatives of Chinese press, universities and colleges, and also 89 journalists from 72 countries of the China International Press Communication Center (CIPCC).

  President Wu Hailong stated that in the 70 years since the founding of New China, Chinese people, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, have upheld the socialist path with Chinese characteristics, and made development miracles. At the same time, China is increasingly closely associated with to the world. The world needs to know more about the real China, while China needs to help the world understand “Chinese stories”, and share opportunities with us. Media serves as an important bond in advancing people’s friendship among countries, promoting mutual learning between civilizations, and enhancing common development, etc. CPDA will keep hosting CIPCC. We welcome more journalists from all countries to come and see the real China through this program, and further deepen the pragmatic cooperation between media.

  Executive Secretary Tian Yuhong expressed that since the adoption of the reform and opening-up policy, ACJA has conducted external media exchanges actively, including establishing exchanges with journalist associations and press institutions of 70 countries and regions, and founding cooperative platforms under the “Belt and Road” Initiative with journalists associations of more than 30 countries and regions. ACJA is ready to strengthen reciprocal visits and exchanges with developing countries’ media to enhance mutual understanding and mutual trust. Media friends of all countries are welcome to visit China and know about China comprehensively, report China positively and help their people to know more about China.

  Director-General Hua Chunying pointed out that it took Chinese people 70 years to make development miracles in human history, which expanded the road for developing countries to realize modernization, and enriched the dream for people of all countries to live a better life. The secret of China’s development is to stick to the centralized and unified leadership of the Communist Party of China, the development path suitable to our national conditions, the basic state policy of reform and opening-up, as well as the vision of people-centered development. China’s development reflects that the strength of developing countries is getting stronger. The greater China develops, the stronger capacity China has for helping developing countries to achieve common development, to uphold justice, and to maintain common interests. It’s hoped that journalists of all the developing countries could make joint efforts to make the world hear clearly and understand the voices of developing countries.

  Journalists at the forum conducted in-depth discussions centering on “Reading China’s Development Stories, Discussing Media Exchanges and Cooperation”. In the 70 years since the founding of New China, world-renowned achievements have been made in various fields, including economic development, scientific and technological innovation, and poverty alleviation. China participates in the global governance positively and contributes “Chinese wisdoms” and “China’s solutions” to the world. Many developing countries think highly of China’s path, and believe that China’s socialist path with Chinese characteristics provides a new option for them to maintain national independence and realize faster development. They’d like to learn the success experience from China and explore the developing models that are suitable to their national conditions. Journalists said that they cherish each chance to come to China, and are willing to know more about China to present a real, friendly, opening and progressive China to their people at home. It’s hoped that the cooperation with China’s media could be strengthened to enhance media communication and tell the stories of developing countries.

  This forum was hosted by CPDA and ACJA, and supported by Beijing Service Bureau for Diplomatic Missions.