China Public Diplomacy Association Held Joint Graduation Ceremony of China Africa Press Center and China Asia Pacific Press Center under China International Press Communication Center 2019 Program
2020-04-01 11:04:00

  China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) held joint graduation ceremony of China Africa Press Center and China Asia Pacific Press Center under China International Press Communication Center 2019 Program in Beijing. Around 200 people including CPDA President Wu Hailong, officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant ministries, representatives of media, think tanks, universities and colleges, 50 journalists from 49 African and Asia-pacific countries, and diplomatic envoys and representatives from relevant countries attended the event.

  President Wu Hailong congratulated the journalists on their successful graduation. He said that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. With the support of the international community, the Chinese people have made remarkable achievements through unremitting efforts. Journalists have seen a real China and had a deeper understanding of China’s achievements and development by their interviews in China. People in Africa and Asia-Pacific have also obtained a more objective understanding of China’s current economic and social development, traditional culture and long history through journalists’ reports.

  President Wu Hailong pointed out that China’s door is always open, and journalists are welcome to continue to report on China, and view and study China from a developmental, historical and comprehensive perspective without being influenced by the one-sided, distorted and slandering China-related reports by the US and Western media. It will be highly appreciated that journalists could distinguish right from wrong, make the right judgment, feel the pulse of China, and tell the latest, comprehensive, three-dimensional, and vivid Chinese stories, while sharing their own wonderful stories to promote mutual understanding and friendly cooperation between China and developing countries, and the mutual exchanges and learning between different civilizations.

  Mr. Subedi of Nepal National News Agency and Osman of Somalia National News Agency delivered speeches on behalf of journalists from Asia Pacific and Africa respectively.

  Mr. Subedi said that China’s commitment to reform and opening-up has lifted hundreds of millions of its people out of poverty. Thanks to President Xi Jinping for advocating the building of a common community with a shared future for mankind which helps other developing countries benefit from China’s development and achieve win-win results.

  Mr. Osman said that the excellent leadership of the Chinese government and the arduous struggle of the Chinese people are making “Chinese miracles”. China’s rapid development will benefit not only itself but also the whole world including Africa. The success of the Belt and Road Initiative is a great example.

  At the graduation ceremony, President Wu Hailong presented the graduation certificates to the journalists.