Report on Second China-ROK Public Diplomacy Forum
2014-06-12 12:06:00

  On June 12, 2014, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea (ROK) jointly held the second China-ROK Public Diplomacy Forum in Beijing. The Forum was organized by the China Public Diplomacy Association and the Korea Foundation with the theme of "China-ROK Cooperation in Public Diplomacy: Jointly Building a Better Dream". Around 250 people attended the Forum, including representatives from the two countries' governments, universities, think tanks, media, enterprises and youth. They had in-depth discussions and candidly exchanged views on three topics, namely, "deepening the concept of win-win cooperation", "making China's and ROK's fads enhance each other's beauty" and "carrying on China-ROK friendship from generation to generation". As a specially-designed activity of the Forum, the cyber opinion leaders of China and the ROK also had friendly exchanges in Beijing.

  The two sides agreed on the followings:

  First, since the first China-ROK Public Diplomacy Forum was successfully held in Seoul of the ROK on September 24, 2013, the two sides have strengthened cooperation in public diplomacy and people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and achieved positive progress and fruitful results. The cooperation and results have played a positive role in promoting the development of the bilateral relations.

  Second, the development of China-ROK cooperation in public diplomacy enjoys a sound momentum. Both sides should continue expanding bilateral exchanges in all fields and at all levels, and attract and mobilize forces from all social sectors of the two countries for an extensive participation.

  Third, the history and culture of China and the ROK are interlinked, and the two cultures not only share similarities but possess their own features. Each of them is an important part of the colorful culture of East Asia and even the splendid civilization of the world. Both sides should respect each other and enhance mutual learning so as to provide a strong mental strength and cultural support for China-ROK friendly cooperation.

  Fourth, the reports of the Chinese and ROK media influence the two peoples' cognition of each other to some extent. Both sides should strengthen exchanges and cooperation in journalism and uphold an objective and just attitude to report each other.

  Fifth, the communication between China and the ROK in film and television plays a remarkable role in promoting mutual understanding, cognition and friendship between the two peoples. Both sides should continue promoting bilateral exchanges and cooperation in the film and television industries and support more excellent films and television programs to enter each other's market.

  Sixth, China and the ROK should further strengthen academic communication to offer intellectual support for bilateral cooperation in all fields.

  Seventh, the friendship between the youth of China and the ROK is an important basis for the sustainable development of bilateral friendship. Both sides should further enhance the long-term, systematic and well-directed nature of youth exchange projects between the two countries, so as to create a favorable environment for deepening communication and improving friendship between the youth, especially those of the same age group, in China and the ROK.

  Eighth, businesses are an important carrier of the national image. The Chinese and ROK businesses should actively support and participate in public diplomacy, integrate into and give back to the local community in the process of transnational operation, so as to promote mutual trust, friendship and cooperation between the two peoples.

  Ninth, in order to promote a positive interaction between China and the ROK in the cyberspace, the internet opinion leaders should play a positive role in leading the two peoples to know each other more rationally and objectively, clearing up misunderstandings and biases, and cementing the public opinion basis for the development of the bilateral friendly relations.

  The two sides agree on the followings:

  First, both sides will continue exploring and implementing joint projects beneficial to the promotion of China-ROK cooperation in public diplomacy. In the second half of this year, both sides will hold a China-ROK Practical Working Group Meeting to negotiate on public diplomacy cooperative projects such as the "Desertification Prevention of China-ROK Youth (ROK-China Green Volunteer Group)", and actively promote the development of the projects.

  Second, both sides will institutionalize the round-table meetings of the cyber opinion leaders. Accompanying the China-ROK Public Diplomacy Forum, the round-table meeting of the cyber opinion leaders of China and the ROK is to be held annually in the host country of the Forum.

  Third, the third China-ROK Public Diplomacy Forum will be held in the ROK in 2015. The foreign ministries of China and the ROK, China Public Diplomacy Association and Korea Foundation will hold a consultation to discuss specific matters and relevant topics in the ROK before the third Forum.

  June 12, 2014

  The delegations of China and the ROK of the second China-ROK Public Diplomacy Forum