Journalists from China Asia Pacific Press Center and China Latin America Press Center Visited Shaanxi Province
2019-07-16 16:07:00

  From June 23rd to 29th 2019, journalists from China Asia Pacific Press Center and China Latin America Press Center under the China International Press Communication Center 2019 Program visited Shaanxi Province to participate in “Magnificent 70 Years: Witness the New Shaanxi Province”, a major media opportunity for countries along the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

  In Xi’an, journalists visited the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, Xi’an Ancient City Wall, and Shaanxi History Museum to learn about the profound history of the origin of the ancient Silk Road. They visited Yanta Art Block, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts and Hongzhuan South Road Community to appreciate the cultural charm and humanistic spirit of Shaanxi.



  In the Urban Ecological Park, journalists unveiled the monument of the “Friendship Forest” commemorating this event.

  Later, journalists visited Xianyang High-Tech Zone, Gaoling District in Xi’an, and Fengdong New Town in Xixian New Area, witnessing the rapid development of Xi’an in the fields of information technology, e-commerce, and biological medicine.


  In Yan’an, journalists visited Wuqi County and witnessed the benefit of returning farmlands to forests for ecological protection. In Ansai, journalists enjoyed performances of intangible cultural heritages such as paper-cutting, folk songs of North Shaanxi, Ansai waist drum, and interacted with the artists enthusiastically.